Delta Delta Chapter at Troy University

Kappa Delta

Chapter Housing

Shared living accommodations and group living are among the cornerstones of the collegiate experience. Where else can you enjoy the comforts of home, your friends close by, safety in numbers and a smart budget solution for living on or close to campus? Whether it be dedicated residence halls or a traditional sorority house, Kappa Delta provides you with new opportunities to learn, grow and most of all… have fun!

The Delta Delta chapter's house is located on Sorority Hill, alongside the houses of the other four Panhellenic sororities at Troy University. It is a two story brick house with spacious living and chapter rooms and a full kitchen. There is room for 13 members to live in the house, which is considered an on-campus residence by the university. There's no doubt that you will make some of the best memories living in the house and being what we call a "house girl."